Yoga Instruction

Yoga Services Offered

Reset & Recharge Yoga

Flow class incorporating breath work and meditation to help you reset and recharge for the week ahead. Strengthen the body while calming the mind. All levels welcome.


In this 45 minute class simple yoga postures will be used to gently open the body and create stillness before settling into a guided meditation practice. Come away feeling enlivened, focused and ready to take on the day.

Yin Yoga

Props are used to help the body open into the postures. Longer holds up to 5 minutes are utilized to access the deep connective tissues. Helps lengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, calm the body and balance the mind. Suitable for all level

Restorative Yoga

Gentle poses are held with the aid of props to reduce stress, release tension and calm the mind. Focusing on the body’s natural relaxation response and soothing the nervous system. Essential oils will be utilized.

Vinyasa Yoga

Active class linking breath and movement to help increase cardiovascular health, stret- ch, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility throughout the entire body.

Hatha Yoga

System of yoga that utilizes postures, breathing techniques and mediation to help increa- se physical strength, flexibility and balance as well as induce a state of calm and ease in the mind.

Athletic Stretch

Our instructor is familiar with demands of our clients physical and mental demands of the work week to the weekend warrior. Relaxing restorative poses are held up to five minutes. Leng- then muscles, increase flexibility and balance the mind.

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