About Us

About TWA Fitness

We are a full-service fitness experience catered to LA’s elite, training international jet setters, prestigious travelers, and Hollywood’s in-crowd. Our clients have the highest expectations of personalized service and so do we. TWA works with clients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and surrounding areas and offers the highest caliber of service with the utmost discretion for our clients.

We are all about creating a personalized and results-driven experience. You are not a one-size-fits-all kind of person, and neither are we. Take the annoyance out of group studio classes and belonging to a ton of different fitness studios to fit all of your workout needs into your schedule, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter programs here.

TWA’s highly trained, certified instructors can assist in any area and level of fitness you need.

How do you know you’re receiving the best of the best?

Not only are our instructors already experts at their craft, but we value and insist on continuing our education to keep up with the latest fitness trends and tools and do so by attending various seminars, retreats, and workshops frequently. At TWA Fitness, we actively listen and design programs based on what our client wants to achieve, creating a detailed plan of execution to assist them in reaching their goals.

The more information we gather initially, the more personalized each program will be and we keep our clients accountable by checking in regularly to ensure we’re meeting their expectations. It is imperative to us that we listen to our clients and also emphasize positive feedback and ongoing recommendations based on our assessments. Not strangers to high levels of expectation, the time spent with our clients is highly focused and solely centered on them and their success.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are comprised of a variety of individuals including A-list celebrities, CEOs and even royals, and we’ve worked for years in collaboration with 5 Star Luxury Hotels in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. TWA also trains all ages and ability levels. We work with individuals just beginning their fitness journey all the way to clients who have competed in Iron Man competitions.

But don’t ask us who our high-profile clients are, at TWA we honor everyone’s privacy and practice complete discretion at all times.