Fitness Instructions

Weight training, Body Sculpting, High intensity Internal Training, CoreWork, TRX training and many more modalities.

Fitness Services Offered


All Fitness Instruction come with an assessment, ranging from body composition, muscular strength, mobility and or endurance.

Boxing & Kickboxing

From fundamentals to a 15 punch and kick combo our amateur competitors have your back. Suitable for all levels.

Onnit Experience

Our Onnit Certified Instructor will take you through a series of unconventional training. The use of steel clubs, mace, kettlebells and battle ropes.

Runyon Hike

A 3.4mile hike at the star-studded location with an elevation gain of 700 feet.


Build endurance for the whole body, burn fat, increase metabolism and build strength.

Weight Training

Increase muscle mass, bone density, elevated metabolic rate that effectively helps burn more calories and lose un wanted body fat.

Body Sculpting

Re-shape your body & strengthen your muscles by fusing principles from traditional body sculpting, functional training, core and balance work.

Additional Services Offered

Executive Stretch

RockTape Application


“Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammad Ali